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Post Submission Rules

As a user of our social bookmarking website, we want to ensure that your posts are in line with our community guidelines. Therefore, we have some important post submission guidelines that you should follow to avoid having your posts deleted and your user account deactivated.

Avoid Copy and Paste Content: We do not accept copy and paste content on our website. All content that you post should be original, and not plagiarized from other sources. We use plagiarism detection tools to ensure that all content on our platform is original.

External Links: You are allowed to include one external link per post, but it should be relevant to the content of your post. We do not accept affiliate links or links to spammy or low-quality websites.

Content Restrictions: We strictly prohibit adult content, drug-related content, and any posts related to gambling and casinos. Any content that violates these restrictions will be removed immediately, and repeated violations may result in the deactivation of your user account.

Quality Content: We expect all content on our platform to be of high quality, well-written, and informative. Your posts should provide value to our community and be relevant to your target audience. Use appropriate keywords and tags to help users find your content easily.

No Self-Promotion: Our platform is not meant for promoting products or services. Avoid submitting purely promotional or advertorial content. We are a platform for sharing valuable information and resources, not for promoting products or services.

Follow Community Guidelines: We have community guidelines that all users must follow. Please read and adhere to these guidelines to avoid having your posts removed or your account deactivated.

By following these post submission guidelines, you can contribute to the growth and success of our social bookmarking website. We appreciate your cooperation in maintaining the quality and integrity of our platform.

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